Welcome to WellGreen Occupational Wellness Solutions, LLC

ExerciseWellGreen Occupational Wellness Solutions, LLC is an independent consulting firm, headquartered in Danville, Kentucky, which offers businesses support in their safety, health and occupational wellness initiatives.

Our support ranges from “turn key” program set up and management to consulting on an “as needed basis” depending on customer requirements.

Our services are applicable in all types of business ranging from hospitals to manufacturing facilities or banks to coal mines.

About Us

WellGreen Occupational Wellness Solutions, LLC was started in 2008 to provide safety, health and occupational wellness services to businesses that have recognized the need to improve the health of their employees and their businesses’ bottom line.

The American workforce’s health continues to decline with rising obesity and sedentary rates and increasing health concerns. In addition, high healthcare costs continue to be of concern to businesses and future projections expect these costs to continue to climb about twice as fast as general inflation.

Implementing a comprehensive wellness program for your employees can improve their health and help lower costs dramatically. In addition, an effective wellness program can yield additional savings through increased productivity and decreased absenteeism.


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